Where to give birth in Rome: the choice of mothers

The Mater Dei Clinic is the ideal place to give birth in Rome.

The department of obstetrics is one of the excellence of Mater Dei, a reference point for the capital and the central-southern Italy.

Safety and reliability are the characteristics that distinguish the department and the clinic.

The safety of the mother and child are guaranteed by the 24h, 7day7, festivities included, presence of the on-call gynecologist. In case of emergencies also a cardiologist and an anesthetist are on call 24h24.

To give birth in Mater Dei means to live an unforgettable moment in a familiar and protected environment, with a medical and obstetric staff entirely dedicated to you and your baby.

Qualified staff monitor the future mother during every phase:

  • Neonatologist for delivery-room assistance
  • Pediatricians for the daily check-up of new born babies
  • Obstetricians and pediatric nurses to assist mothers and children throughout their hospitalization
  • The obstetrician is always assisted by the on-call gynecologist
  • Checks 24 hours a day during labor, through obstetric observation


The delivery rooms and crèche are equipped with ultra-modern instrumental, obstetric and anesthetics equipment. Moreover, Mater Dei has also perinatal reanimation islands for newborn babies needing immediate care.

In addition the laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging are operational 24h24, ensuring total, 360 degree safety, for both child and mother.

Mater Dei can perform PrenatalSAFE – the prenatal diagnostic test for Down Syndrome and the other main fetal chromosome anomalies.

What do you bring to the clinic for the delivery? Mater Dei will give you every information on what both mother and child will need.

The find out what obstetric and gynecologic diagnostic tests are offered by Mater Dei.