Mater Dei Clinic

Mater Dei, for over 50 years, is a reference for health in Rome and in central and southern Italy.
A modern private hospital structure affiliated with the major Italian and international insurance companies, with 24-hour services and centers of excellence, which offer the best technology and medical knowledge, so that the patient has the certainty of having in a short time the diagnosis and the best therapy.

24h Services

Discover the operational services in Mater Dei 24 hours a day

Diagnostic Imaging

The imaging department is a flagship of Mater Dei for its constant commitment to technological innovation


The first private hospital not affiliated in Rome by number of parts .

Heart Center

Cardiologist and anesthetist resuscitator 24 hours a day, cardiology diagnostics – heart CT – heart RMN, intensive care, hemodynamics – cardiac surgery

Trauma Center

A guard always active 24 hours on 24 for any trauma, fracture or injury.

Outpatient Clinics

Instrumental visits and examinations: Discover all the medical and surgical specialties of Mater Dei.