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Customized prevention programs

Mater Dei’s Check-up service proposes health protocols aimed at the prevention and diagnosis of the most common pathologies.

The mainstays supporting our services are:

  • the high level of medical services offered
  • customization of the service based on the patient’s authentic needs
  • optimization, therefore reduction, of the screening times

Once the patient’s diagnostic check-up program has been established by the coordinating physician, during the course of the day, clinical, laboratory and instrument tests will be performed and specialist visits will take place to achieve an exhaustive and faithful picture of the patient’s state of health.

The results of the first tests will permit the identification, if needed, of pathologies in their initial stages and, consequently, the prompt and precise planning of in-depth analyses.

The conclusion of the clinical program takes place after a few days when the coordinating physician, on the basis of the tests performed and the results collected, delivers a detailed report to the patient regarding his/her state of health, together with a customized prevention program.