COVID-19 tests for
Green Certificate

In Mater Dei Hospital Green Certificates can be obtained with a negative result of a molecularrapid antigenic or salivary test.

What COVID-19 Green Certificate is?

The Green Certificate attests: vaccination against Covid-19 (with one or two doses) or a negative antigenic, molecular or salivary swab taken within the last 48 hours or recovery from COVID-19 infection within the past 6 months.

The Green Certificate is a free document in digital and printable format with a 2-dimensional barcode (QR Code) and a qualified electronic seal that makes it easier to attend events, to access facilities and to move and travels within Europe.

Molecular, Rapid Antigenic or Salivary Tests

COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests are available in Mater Dei hospital.

MOLECULAR TESTS, Gold Standard type are provided. This exams start from a nasopharyngeal swab test to detects the presence of the virus by molecular analysis.

RAPID ANTIGENIC TESTS to identify immediately the antigens of the virus, before proceeding with any further control.

• With a positive result a molecular test is requested.

• With a negative result, a message will be sent by text message or email with an Id Code (Authcode).

Use the code to download and get the Certification connecting to the following site:

Booking COVID-19 TESTS is easy: call the dedicated number from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday morning.

Who can get the Green Certificate?

COVID-19 vaccinated citizens

Molecular, rapid antigenic or salivary tested citizens with negative result

Citizens recovered from COVID-19 infection within the past six months

Green Certificate attests the vaccination for COVID-19 with at least one dose or a negative molecular, rapid antigenic or salivary test with negative result in the previous 48 hours or recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months.

COVID-19 Green Certificate is required in Italy to attend events, parties, civil and religious ceremonies, and also to access residential nursing homes (RSA) or other facilities.

Effective August 6, 2021, the Green Certificate is necessary to visit hospitalized friends and relatives, to access restaurants and bars for indoor seated dining, museums, institutes and cultural locations , swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers , thermal spas, theme and amusement parks ,cultural and recreational clubs, gambling halls and casinos, and to attend shows, sporting events and competitions , fairs, festivals, conferences and congresses, public competitions.

Effective September 2021 Green Certificate is also required to access schools and universities.

How does the COVID-19 Green Certificate work?

In Italy COVID-19 Green Certificate is issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, through a national platform which receives citizens’ datas sent by Regions and indipendent Provinces.

To obtain GREEN PASS can be used:
• A dedicated web site
Regional Electronic Health Record
• The Immuni App
• The IO App

GREEN PASS is free and available in Italian and English language.

How can the Green Pass be visualized, downloaded and printed?

On the dedicated website using digital identity (SPID or CIE credentials) or Tessera Sanitaria (Health Card) or ID document.

On the Regional Electronic Health Record, according to the regional sanitary assistance rules.

On the Immuni App the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” section is visible on the home screen.

On the App IO: citizens will receive notifications by  text  message  when the national platform issues a certificate.