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Mater Dei has a top-echelon center using mini-invasive techniques for treating male, urinary incontinence, resulting from prostate operations, regarding around 3 million Italians.

Each year in Italy about 1500 patients suffer from urinary incontinence following prostate removal, often due to a tumor. One of the most innovative therapies is the “sling system advance’.

This is a mini-invasive operation which, by inserting a sort of “suspension net” underneath the urethra, supports the urinary tract resetting it so that it functions properly again, as it did before the prostatectomy.

All over the world over 60,000 patients have already been treated successfully, especially in Germany and in the USA. In Italy, each year over 10,000 radical prostatectomies are performed provoking subsequent incontinence in 15% of the cases.